It’s a good day, which is really rare in Beijing. Sky is deep blue, air is fresh. I can hardly see any clouds. I want to fly in such a beautiful sky.

From the autumn begins, weather is getting cooler and cooler. I want to go out, to play, to hang out, to enjoy the perfect early-autumn weather. I have been depressed at home for almost two months, it's quite boring! Someone maybe know this feeling.

I will return to the school in a few days. A part of my classmates do not like school life, they said it is tired, it is boring. But I like it, I can do lots a things at school, I an play with my friends and my classmates. I would rather go to school than stay at home with nothing to do. On the other hand, I can see my new classmates, I only knew two people that we were stay together in junior high school in my new class.

Beijing Olympic Games have been conducted for 14 days, and the closing ceremony will come 2 days later. The Games is exciting, tense, gladsome, and ephemeral. I looked forward to the arrival of the Olympic Games in the past 7 years. At that time, I always had lots of things to do, but after the Olympic Games, what can I look forward to? The University Entrance Examination? Or other? I don’t know. And I don’t care what will happen.

My favourite season:autumn has come! I like autumn, its weather, its falling leaves, its cool wind, and its sorrow.