Difficult 2 Sleep

I can not fall asleep even though it is so late now. There are something strange in my mind.
Er...How to say...
Well, I saw a very very very pretty girl on the Internet, and I have seen a great number of her photos. My heart was shook. I really wanna meet her face to face. Don't laugh at me! It is the normal phenomenon in puberty. I'm just at this time!
I can't control my mind when I see her photos every time. My heart flies to somewhere I don't know, and I don't care where my heart goes! Why there is such a pretty girl in the world, moreover in China! God, give me a girl like her or is she!

如果你说我有金山快译 or GTalk翻译机器人 or 其他翻译工具,那我下回就用火星文写了~~呼呼